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Friday night, I was craving Mexcian food, which seems to happen when I am hungry enough to need a basket of chips and salsa in front of me before i can even think about what to have for a meal. I had seen Guaca Maya, a converted industrial building of some sort in the stockyards, a few times when driving aimlessly, so I wanted to try it.

I may never go to any other Mexican restaurant in Omaha again.

The salsa was amazing. Just spicy enough to be feel warm, and a delicious roasted flavor. The chips were fresh and warm--something I usually take for granted until I eat somewhere that obviously just opened a bag of store chips.

For the meal itself, we got some platter thing for 2. It was a hot metal platform with:

2 chicken breasts
2 steaks
a big pile of pork
roasted potatoes
roasted jalepenos
roasted yuca
roasted plaintain
a bowl of beans

We were each given a plate full of rice, that was also delicious. The steak was incredible. The pork was incredible. I could go on like this for every thing on the platter.

Very rarely when i go to a restaurant, do I immmediately crave it the next day. I want more...

2 of us ate very well (and had a meal leftover) for about $30 including tip. There is also a full bar, and wandering musicians (guitar, accordion). Also, the toilets have foot pedals to flush.

Guaca Maya
5002 S 33rd St
(402) 733-3440
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