me...linda (insouciantcrush) wrote in eat_omaha,

spanish food

Is there any place in town to get good spanish food?  I know that there is Espana, but I heard it was mostly tapas/appetizer type food.  Speaking of Espana, is that any good?  I live two blocks away and have never been.

I found this community while randomly browsing people's profiles and I love food so decided to join... if it's not too late. 
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Espana is really good. In addition to Tapas they also have Paella, which is phenomenal. What other dishes are you looking for?
Anything really. I just wanted to try something that was Mexican food or Americanized.
Well, if you aren't set on Spanish, there is decent Cuban and Salvadoreno food in Omaha. I think Espana is the only local Spanish place.
espana has delicious drinks too
are they expensive???
What do you consider expensive?

It isn't dollar beers, but in my opinion you get what you pay for in terms of quality.
I've been known to suck down 8.00 martinis, so if it isn't too much more than that I'd be happy.
its about that price range