there is no actionchrist, only zuul (actionchrist) wrote in eat_omaha,
there is no actionchrist, only zuul

Brother Sebastians Steak House
1350 South 119th Street

I had been told that Brother Sebastian's was a good place for a nice dinner with high quality steak, but since the bulk of my eating out occurs at the luncheon times, I decided to see what they had to offer this noon.

The hamburger (I know, boring) that I ordered was delicious, and for $5.25 (including fries) a bargain. It surpassed the usual bar-burger, which is ordinarily my only West Omaha lunch choice that isn't chain (Cheeburger Cheeburger/Red Robin) or fast-food. My only complaint is that I ordered it medium, and it arrived medium well, but it was quite tasty nonetheless.

My co-worker ordered the fish and chips ($6.50), which looked amazing, and apparently also tasted amazing.

Other bonuses: smoking allowed. salad bar ($2 with sandwich) with fresh spinach separate from the iceberg.
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